Magicae piscis

Fish is a symbol of sacrifice, a symbol of Christ. For the sake of love, people can sacrifice a lot and in return they access the source of life.

The fin of the fish on the sculpture turns into the Tree of Life.
On the side, the fish has faces of a man and a woman who swim through life together.

Love is a sacred sacrament which is only created in a harmony between a man and a woman. Love is a strength and a source and the beginning of everything. But it is tender and fragile, and only when cherished it gives its fruits.




The mystery of the flower of life


The World Egg

Ancient legends say that the life originated on earth in the World Egg.
The egg is encircled by Ouroborus, the symbol of eternity, the cyclical nature of time, like a reborn Phoenix.
And throughout the egg, in a decorative pattern, a plant symbolizing the tree of life is twisting
The tree of life