Olga Gasparian is interested in the structure of the Universe, the Matrix of Genesis, the interweaving of all hidden thin threads, the relationship of macro and micro worlds.

What is Space and Time? Where does the human soul come from? These are some of the questions Olga is addressing in art.

The tree of life
The river of time
A road to the starts

"Sic itur ad astra"

"Sic Itur ad astra" - "thus one journeys to the stars" .

The starry sky and universe are the images Olga Gasparian uses commonly in her art. They symbolize the separation of the soul from the Earth to the divine space.

The golden road symbolizes the transformation of a soul and its repletion by Creator's light.

Angel's wing
The garden of Eden
Star keeper
A kiss
Enchanted forest

Hortus conclusus

"Hortus Conclusus" - a hidden, closed garden is a common theme of medieval art and it symbolizes the garden of Eden.

Hortus Conclusus

The garden of unicorns

A fascinating mystery
Fairy Autumn Gift
Guardian Angel
Music for Pegasus
Tempus fugit, aeternitas manet
Parallel worlds
Axis mundi

"Axis Mundi"

The axis mundi (also c osmic axis, world axis, world pillar and center of the world ) is a symbol representing the center of the world where the heaven (sky) connects with the earth.

It's an axis going through all the worlds. The painting presents a sphinx sitting on the fortune's wheel. The flower of life is growing from the sphinx and goes through the sky and the angel's world to the Creator.

Four stages of human soul's development are symbolized on the garment: lifeless, vegetative, animal and human.

One can see the world's tree - the tree of Sephiroth, which symbolizes the matrix of the universe.

Boat of love
Starry gates
Magnum Ignotum
Starry angel
Jacob's ladder
Unicorn's mysteries
The bowl of life (triptych)
Six-winged Seraph (triptych)
Enchanted forest. The valley of rainbows (diptych)
Starry river (diptych)
Music of the spheres (diptych)
The garden of Eden (diptych)
A road to the stars (triptych)
Triumph of love (diptych)