The works of Olga Gasparian present multiple symbols and images from parallel universes and hidden worlds. Biblical and Ancient myths, sacraments and mysteries of Kabbalah, Buddhist philosophy and Pagan Slavic and Scandinavian legends are intertwined in Olga Gasparian's art.
The source of life

The tree of life

"Amor Vincit omnia"

"Amor vincit omnia" - love conquers everything. The tree of life is a common symbol in Olga Gasparian's art. The tree of life symbolizes the matrix of the universe.

United in love and harmony, Adam and Eve form a part of the tree. Together they are the foundation and continuation of life and the universe.

Love inspires and enables us to fly. Together a man and a woman can fly through life in harmony with the universe.

Philosopher's Stone
The tree of knowledge
Milky way
Angel's kiss
Two worlds
Halls of concealment
Adam and Eve
Angel with a unicorn
On a rainbow
The bowl of love
Arbor Mundi
The secret of the flower of life
Sefirot tree
Axis mundi
Hortus conclusus
Magnum Ignotum