Olga Gasparian was born in 1970 in Ekaterinburg. She had exhibitions in number of countries, including the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, and Great Britain. Olga makes symbolic paintings in which historical elements can be seen, and these elements evoke a powerful mood. The oeuvre of addresses to the world that is invisible for physical vision but relates to the soul of every person. Closed, secret, hidden garden or Eden is a dream of humanity since the memories of the lost paradise always touch our soul and heart.



Armen Gasparian was born in 1966 in the South of Armenia. Armen likes artists - philosophers that are pondering about existence and questions such as who we are and where we are going. Every artist creates his own world, thinking about life and asking questions, even if they don't have the answer. He loves symbols and his style is metaphysical symbolism. "Metaphysic is something we don't see - something further than physic. That is why my oeuvre I use symbols and allegories", - says Armen.




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